Enough SU Societies To Make Your Head Spin

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The SU has a whole bunch of SU Societies that you can join while you’re here, as soon as you see the list you’ll be asking “How many SU Societies?!”*



There are a lot of societies at Colchester Campus, to find out more information and to see the full list of SU Societies, follow this link. But for now here is a random selection of five SU Societies from each of our Convenes, just to give you an idea of what’s on offer.


  • Juggling, Fire and Magic
  • Harry Potter
  • Origami
  • Public Speaking
  • Pokémon Go


  • Comic Book
  • Theatre Arts
  • Writing
  • UoE Photography
  • Musical Theatre Appreciation


  • Japanese International
  • Malaysian
  • Romanian
  • French Connection
  • African Caribbean


  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Maths
  • Psychology
  • Speech & Language Therapy


  • Choir
  • Funk & Soul
  • Music
  • Show Choir
  • K-Pop


  • Feminist
  • Human Rights
  • Neurodiversity and Mental Health
  • Animal Protection
  • Environmental and Sustainability


  • Catholic
  • Ahlulbayt Islamic
  • Essex Humanist
  • Christian Union
  • Islamic

Can’t see something you like on the list? Find out how to start your own society here.

And if you don’t want the commitment of joining a regular society why not check out the Just Start groups? You can find a list of the groups available here. These groups have no commitment, no costs and require no ratification. Find out more (or start your own) here.



Southend does not have any regular SU Societies, however, they do have a series of Just Start Groups that you can join.

Currently, Southend has five groups available:

  • Queer Theatre Group
  • Afro-Caribbean Group
  • Fresh Hope Group
  • Coloured Theatre Group
  • Southend Smugglers Group

Can’t find anything on the list that you like? You can find out how to start your own just start group here.



There are three SU Societies available to join at Loughton:

  • Black Theatre
  • Contemporary Theatre
  • Stage Combat

Click here for more details.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Find out how to start your own society here.



*If you actually want to know how many SU Societies we have, there are currently 176 across all three campuses, with more being added every week!


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