Exam Results

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We just wanted to share some updates we have received from the University regarding the publication of exam results from the summer term. 

Departments publish their exam results on different days depending on when exam boards have met. You can find out when your department is publishing results, just click here. Bear in mind, that whilst the date is listed the time is not, this is because your results can be released ANY time of day so don’t worry if it’s past 5pm and your results still aren’t out yet, they’ll be on their way.

The Exam Boards Team will send you an email confirming that your results are now available. The University has confirmed that the exams results page cannot be accessed using the Safari browserr, which is the one that comes as standard on most Apple products. With this in mind it might be more useful to enter via an alternative browser to avoid any stress!

Don't worry about constantly refreshing the results page, the page is updated once you receive a personal email confirming results are available. 

Finally don't worry if a friend on the same course receives their results before you. Results are released in batches meaning that some people will get them slightly before others. 

If you have any questions, pop onto live chat and speak to the amazing staff over in the Student Information Team (SIT).

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you all,

Love Your SU x 


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