Find Your Way Around Campus

Find your way around campus with 'Find Your Way' and never get lost again!

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It’s easy to get lost around Colchester Campus, it’s well known that on the occasion, even 3rd years and beyond still can’t find the rooms they need. These buildings can be a maze … but don’t worry, there’s a tool to help!

Find Your Way is the university’s answer to google maps, and with this in your pocket, you’ll never get lose your way.

Just hit ‘directions’ and type in your point A and your point B, and follow the path to your destination.

There’s also an accessibility option too, to help you find the step-free route to your destination. Just hit the wheelchair symbol: ?

If you have your phone handy, there’s an app. Type in ‘find your way' into your app store to find it. Otherwise, you can find the web link below.

Plus, through Find Your Way you can also find transport information, cycle paths, tours (including walking routes), and other useful information!

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