Food Splash Event

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The Big Plan food team are working on two challenges this year, they want to find ways to increase the diversity of food available on campus, and they want to challenge the cost and quality of the food on campus.

Last Tuesday (the 29th of October) the Food big plan team set up a stall on Square Three to have face to face conversations with students about the food on campus, to gather feedback and hear the opinions of our members.

They managed to have a conversation with over one hundred students, and the response was really positive. The students provided the team with lots of great suggestions and useful criticisms which will help the team steer the project in the future.

The team asked our members about dietary requirements, the range of food available on campus, and they asked our members about the prices of food on campus. They did this through conversations with our members, but they also set up four plates of food on the stall and asked students how much they would pay for each dish.

The dishes put out were:

  • Loaded Fries
  • A 12” Pizza
  • Mac & Cheese
  • A Cheeseburger
  • And a superfood salad

five plates of food lined up next to letters 'A-E'

The group will then take this feedback and the responses that the students provided, back to their fortnightly collision meetings to identify any common themes that need to be worked on between the SU and Essex Food.

The Big Plan Food team are going to continue this plan of speaking to students face to face to collect real and honest feedback that they can take back to their meetings. Because their main plan at the moment is to clarify exactly what change students want to see, what they feel is good value for money, and what kinds of foods they would like to have on sale to increase diversity on campus.

They are currently in the process of working alongside Essex Food to get an allergen matrix up and running for ALL food outlets on campus, to make the food on campus more accessible for everyone.

Want to get involved and have your say about food on campus? Join the Big Plan Food Facebook group here. And you can find out more about the Big Plan Food team here.


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