Food and Drink Venues at Southend

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SU Lounge SU Lounge

SU Lounge

The SU Lounge is the place to go if you missed breakfast, want a mocha during your break or are just in the mood for one of our signature toasties. We've got a great selection of light breakfasts, hot food, snacks and drinks all at student-friendly prices. We also hold events here including open mic, variety nights, quiz nights and more!

You can find the SU Lounge next to the Gateway Building (Studio K).


The Mezz is a social space that is open even after the SU Lounge closes. We’ve got sofas, chairs, microwaves, table tennis and a PS4. You can find The Mezz on the first floor of the SU Lounge.

Find out more and check out the menus at Your Venues.


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