Get to know the SU Big 5

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Thousands of students cast their vote on what the SU should focus on - we call these things the Big 5. 

The Big 5 are at the heart of everything the SU do this year and we’re dead serious about making progress in them.

The 5 things students said the SU should focus on this year are: 

1.            Mental Health

2.            My Course

3.            Accommodation

4.            Study Spaces

5.            Cost Of Living

If you'd like to share your own ideas or join in on the discussion just click on one of the Big 5 topic links above. We'll also share more details about how the group is doing and when we have updates they’ll be posted on there.

The more students involved in these projects, the more we can achieve together. You can join in the conversation anytime and power this project forward- just click on the links above.


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