Guide to Colchester Campus (And The Surrounding Area)

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We’ve got hundreds of lecture rooms, oodles of food outlets, and sports facilities with so much room for activities. There’s the NHS health centre, student support services, study spaces and exam pods. Plus the on-campus cinema, theatre, bookshop, and art gallery. Essentially what’re saying is - our campus has almost everything you can dream of (except a pool with giant pink flamingo floats – we might work on this later). We even have our own cat!

Now you’re probably wondering where you can find out more about Colchester Campus, such as opening times, where everything is located, and what is available to you. The answers are all in the campus guide which you can find here.



Colchester campus is a maze. You might do six years here and still get lost. The room numbers don’t make sense, and what’s all this about squares?

Don’t worry, the FindYourWay app is there to save you. It works like Google maps, and it can give you a virtual path to follow to your destination.

It’s a true hero!


(Photo: Visit Colchester)



There are A LOT of things going on and events to attend in Colchester throughout the year. You can find useful info about historical facts, scheduled events, shopping and eating out, places to stay, touristic attractions and much more on Colchester’s official tourist website, and on the university website here.

Colchester is Britain’s oldest town and it’s only 50 Miles North-East of London.

Some of the main things you can do or visit are:

  • Colchester Arts Centre offers all things Culture and Art
  • Rollerworld is a must for all the fans of roller skating, laser tag, food and drinks!
  • Colchester Castle is a good option if you love history, but it’s also great for a walk, as it’s grounds are a beautiful place to visit (the grounds are also free).
  • Colchester Leisure World offers group fitness classes, a gym and swimming pools
  • Jump Street if you’ve been looking for a fun trampoline park to go to (I mean, why not?) this is the place to go!
  • Colchester Zoo is ALWAYS a favourite of anyone who visits Colchester, but also a big favourite of the locals too

There are also theatres, museums, galleries, places to eat out, shops and country parks to visit.

And it’s only 20 minutes away from a whole series of seaside towns that are perfect for a day out (most of which are easy to get to on the bus too!)


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