Shape Your SU

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You are a member of a family containing over 16,000 students (which is a pretty big deal!), and the SU is its members. Because of this, you have a huge say in what the SU does, you get to shape the SU.

Not sure how to do this? Here’s how.

Click here to find out how the SU works.



If you can’t find what you are looking for at one of Colchester Campus’ stores (or you are just craving that one chocolate bar that is missing), you can drop the SU a message on the product request walls and we’ll promise to do our best to stock it.



Every SU member (that’s everyone who studies at the University of Essex) has a say in electing a team of officers each academic year. The leadership race takes place every February and there you can choose which students you would like to represent you in the SU.

The Full-Time Officers are Essex students who are taking a year out of studying or have just graduated. And Student Community officers are elected just like full-time officers, but they're still students working on their degrees.

You can take a look to see who is your team of full-time Officers (also known as Sabbs, which is short for Sabbatical officer), and Student Community Officers. Just click this link here.

If you ever have any problems, bright ideas or brilliant lightbulb moments, feel free to drop any of the officers a message any time to have your ideas represented brought to the SU.

You can read the officer reports here.



Because the SU is built up of over 16,000 students from all different cultures and backgrounds, we want to make sure that every single community has a voice in the SU. Because of this, the student parliament was set up, a group of elected representatives from these communities who meet every month. They hold your elected officials accountable and they have the power to implement SU policies.

Read here to find out more about the student parliament, take a look at the meeting minutes, contact a student parliament member or find information on how to join. Elections open up again in October.



The SU is powered by students. If you want to make a change, suggest a change or make a complaint you can do so by clicking here.



When we are able to make progress on something that matters to our students, we call that a ‘Win’ (and sometimes we even have a little celebration). Over the year, progress is made to tackle student issues. If you would like to keep up to date with that progress, you can do so here.



Every year the SU gathers student feedback and uses this to create a ‘Big Plan’ a series of the most prevalent student issues that need to be addressed. You can find out more about this, and this year’s focus here.



At the SU we like to play as hard as we like to work. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be serious when we have to be. Recently a BBC investigation into sexual harassment has highlighted serious problems with how Sexual Harassment is dealt with at the University. Because of this, we demanded urgent changes be made. You can read about it here, and follow the developments.



Want to represent your classmates, and have a say in how your course is run and delivered? Consider signing up as a student rep, not only does it look good on your CV, it’s a really rewarding experience as you get to make a real difference to the lives of other students (and your own).


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