How Does The SU Leadership Election Work?

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Essex SU is run for students by students.  

Every year in February, a number of students are elected by other students to run the SU for a year. Any student can nominate themselves to be a candidate in the SU Leadership Election. 

The student leadership team of Sabbatical Officers that are elected take a year out to work full-time and get paid to represent you. The Sabbatical Officer team is comprised of:

  • SU President
  • VP Education
  • VP International
  • VP Welfare
  • VP Community & Engagement
  • VP Student Experience
  • VP Southend

SU Leadership Elections are broken into stages.  


This is the part where you decide whether you’re going to put yourself forward or not. Reach out to with any questions, to get any advice or to find out more about the role or SU Leadership Election. You can always ask the current Sabbatical Officer how they’ve found the role, if you feel comfortable. Once you have decided if you want to give it a shot and what role you want to do, then visit the SU Leadership Election Hub and nominate yourself by filling out the relevant details. Add a photo, campaign slogan, a bit about you and your manifesto. (13th to 26th February) 

Candidate Preparation

Now that you’re a candidate, it is time to find out all of the details and ensure you understand the rules and procedure of the SU Leadership Election. It is also an opportunity to find out anything you want to know before campaigning starts. There will be a Moodle course for you to complete. (27th February to 9th March) 

Candidates Revealed

Yay! Everyone can see that you are running and who the other candidates are.  


This starts before voting and lasts until voting closes. It is your chance to do everything that you can to get the most votes in your category. You and your campaign spread the word and explain to other students why you’re the best candidate for the role. Any posters, social media posts, leafleting and asking students to vote for you occurs within this period. (10th to 16th March).


Once voting has opened, all students can vote for who they want to lead the SU. Voting is available online and in voting booths on the Squares. This is when campaigning gets to its most intense and you’re pushing to get as many people to vote for you as possible. (15th to 16th March) 

Once voting has closed, the results of the SU Leadership Election will be announced and you will find out who will be leading your SU, and if you’re a candidate, you cross your fingers that it’s you. Good luck! 


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