How To Get Around Colchester

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Moving to another country, another county or just moving into a new town can be daunting, especially when you can’t figure out how to get from place to place.

Here’s a guide on how to find your way around your new home.


Travel to/from campus and town centre


First Bus is the main bus service in Colchester, and a lot of the local routes come through our campus. If you are living off-campus you might want to get a pass or search through the wide range of tickets First Bus offers. It’s a good idea to speak to SU Reception about the bus pass though, as you can get a heavy discount on your pass through them.


If you fancy eco-friendly alternatives, you can find bicycle parks across campus. There are over 250 spots next to Rayleigh tower (north campus), by south courts, the sports centre and many more. There are also wet and dry lockers, shower and changing rooms, cycle security, and a cycle fixing station and lots of cycle racks across campus. You can read more about these here. The charity Re-Cycle also runs a workshop on campus every Wednesday morning in term time. They provide servicing, repairs and affordable second-hand bikes.


If you have lost your mates, left your wallet at home, or if you or someone you know is in a vulnerable condition, the SU Safety Bus has got you covered, and it is part of your SU membership. It makes sure you are dropped off near to your neighbourhood for just £1 per person (one-way).

20:30-04:00 (Monday-Saturday Term Time) last pick up at 03:30
20:00-01:00 (Sunday Term Time) last pick up 00:30

See here for more details.


But if your night outs run smoothly, it’s better to split the price of a taxi fare with friends – this way you can save a Safety Bus seat for someone who might need it as spaces are very much in demand and limited. You can get picked up and dropped off easily at North Towers or South Courts taxi points.


Enjoy walking? It’s a 30-minute walk to the heart of Wivenhoe and 40 minutes to Colchester High Street.


Explore places outside Colchester

If you feel like having a break from campus surroundings, there are daily trains between London and Colchester, and the closest station to our campus is Hythe (Essex) – the journey takes roughly one hour.

But there are also three other stations to choose from nearby including Wivenhoe Station, Colchester Station (otherwise known as North) and Colchester Town.

You can buy a train ticket from Greater Anglia or Trainline. Don’t forget that you can grab a Railcard, which you can order online. This can save you a lot of money if you use the rail regularly - thank us later!


Travel to/from airports

If you are off on holiday or visiting home, you might need to use an airport.

London Stansted is the closest airport. You can find more info online on how to get there in less than 1 hour by coach, train or car. You can take most First Bus services from campus to town, and then get your National Express on Stanwell Street (town centre).

If you want to save some time the StanstedExpress runs daily between Stansted airport and London Liverpool Street. You can take the train at the airport and make your way to the centre of London in less than one hour, which is ideal if you are in a hurry! (P.S the journey by coach between Stansted and London usually takes around two hours).

Heathrow Airport is London’s international airport, you can find out the fastest way to get there by clicking here. You can take the bus or a taxi from campus to town, and then jump on a train to London, or catch the national express bus service.

London Gatwick international airport is another alternative. Located in the south side of central London, you can easily get to Gatwick by train from London Victoria or by National Express (with departures from a lot of different places). Click here to have a look at Gatwick’s journey planner.


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