How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint | Food

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We care about the environment, and we are taking steps to try and reduce the carbon footprint of the university. But we are also trying to reduce our own carbon footprints too.

Want to know what your carbon footprint is before you start? You can take the test here.

Here are some tips on how you can reduce your own carbon footprint when it comes to food.

  • To reduce the energy needed to grow food that’s out of season, why not eat food that’s in season at the moment. Check out this website for your options. 
  • To reduce your carbon footprint consider eating less meat and dairy, there are a lot of dairy alternatives on the market at the moment (and if you haven’t tried coconut milk in a hot chocolate yet, then you’re missing out!) and check out this website for some yummy vegetarian dishes. There are also some fantastic vegetarian options in Moa and SU Bar on campus, yum! Find out more about why eating less meat helps save the planet by clicking here.
  • If you eat the same vegetables and fruit all year around, the soil doesn’t have time to recover and more energy is needed to cultivate the crops, so it’s good to introduce variety into your diet.

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