How to darn a sock

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How to Darn a Sock

Supplies Needed

  • Wool or cotton socks

  • Cotton crochet thread, embroidery floss, or wool yarn

  • Needle

  • Darning mushroom, ball, anything hard and round!

Put a kick in old socks or sweaters by covering up holes with vibrant yarn. Visible mending darning is an easy-to-master technique; you can get through a pair of socks while watching a TV show.

Step 1: Sew Vertical Stitches

Trim the hole to remove excess threads. Place ball inside the sock behind the hole. This helps maintain the sock's shape as you mend. Thread the needle with yarn, embroidery floss, or thread. For wool socks, use wool yarn. For cotton ones, cotton crochet thread or embroidery floss works. Sew rows of vertical running stitches back and forth at least ½-inch beyond hole on all sides, taking long stitches over the hole.

Step 2: Repeat Horizontally

Repeat the process horizontally, weaving the thread over and under the long stitches, until you've completely covered the hole. Weave in ends of yarn and trim.







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