Important Update from SU Homes

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In response to Covid-19, the team at SU Homes have been making some changes.  Please be assured, we will continue to monitor closely public information and adopt any necessary guidelines provided by the government in order to continue to provide our ongoing service.

If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our face to face service is currently unavailable and we are working remotely.

Reminder to all private (off-campus) Tenants to advise their Landlord/Agent if property is going to be vacant for any continuous period of 14 days or more during the tenancy

  • Changes to recycling/rubbish collection - follow this link for more information.
  • Property Viewings – Currently suspended until further notice
  • Property Inspections - These will be carried via an 'over the phone inspection' (Zoom) - your property manager will contact you to arrange this in due course. If a property is vacant (due to all tenant's returning home) we will postpone the inspection at this time.
  • If the property is vacant (due to all tenant's returning home) - We will notify your Landlord.
  • Maintenance / Contractors - Upon any maintenance works being reported we will ascertain the importance/urgency of works and discuss with you and your Landlord to decide if works are necessary or can be postponed to a later date. If it is absolutely necessary to deploy a contractor, we would ask all parties if they have a high temperature or a new and continuous cough or have had any contact with anyone with symptoms to let us know prior to the visit so we can make alternative arrangements 
  • Contract Cleaning - We regret to advise that this has been suspended until further notice and trust you will all do your best to keep the house clean & hygienic in the meantime - Once restrictions are lifted the contract cleaning will resume
  • Contract Gardening – We regret to advise that this will not commence until restrictions have been lifted
  • Health / Hygiene - All contractors & tenants etc are asked that a 2-meter distance is maintained & not to shake hands 

PLEASE let us know if the property is vacant so we can inform your Landlord who will then notify their insurance provider - may we refer you to the relevant clause within your Tenancy Agreement:
To notify the Landlord or the Agent before leaving the Premises vacant for any continuous period of 14 days or more during the Tenancy.

Please may we refer you to the guidance outlined on the University of Essex website covering Covid-19:

If you / your household are in self-isolation or at any time in the coming weeks, please may we ask that you inform us so we can update your Landlord and offer support to you - please follow the guidelines set-up in the link above.
If you need any further advice you can contact SU Advice.
Love Your

SU Homes Team x


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