International Women's Day 2021

Meet some members of the Women's Network!

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This International Women's Day (IWD) we wanted to highlight some members of the Women's Network at East15 and the amazing things they are doing on and off campus.

"Black women are often told that our voices don’t matter, that we should be polite and silent. I’ve made it my goal to stand up for myself and other Black women, especially since I’ve started attending East 15 and there are so few Black people. IWD is a celebration of all women and the eternal love we have for ourselves and the other women in our lives."

Halona Harper, Actor 

"I became involved in women’s rights activism only two years ago after realizing how commonly women are groomed by society from such a young age to fit a certain standard, whether it be beauty, traditional gender roles, or career expectations. I just finished my dissertation on domestic violence and internalized misogyny, and it has become so common globally, the WHO describes violence against women as an infringement on women’s rights. International Women’s Day 2021 theme is 'Choose to Challenge' and I am celebrating by not holding my tongue when I experience or witness sexism. As a domestic violence survivor myself, it’s important to me that women feel supported and safe at all times, but also that all people are held accountable, especially for small normalized behaviours, so we can learn and prevent prejudices and violence."

Anne Tyler Morgan, Actor 

"During lockdown (the first one) I curated a podcast in collaboration with the National Youth Theatre called Gettin’ Creative where I chat to folk from all creative industries about where they got started, where they’ve been, where they’re going and getting some advice on how you can get started on that journey too. International Women’s Day for is about inclusion, equality and equity. Ensuring our feminism is intersectional and represents all womxn."

Shakira Newton, Actor, Writer and Podcast Host.
The first episode of Gettin’ Creative is live on all podcasting apps, as well as a visual version with closed captions on the National Youth Theatre’s YouTube account.


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