Jewish Society Ratified by the Students' Union

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Statement from the University of Essex Students’ Union Sabbatical Officer team:

The Students’ Union’s Sabbatical Officer team has met and, following a discussion with the Trustee Board, we have jointly made the decision to immediately ratify the Jewish Society. 

We publicly recognise the value of a Jewish Society and are proud to announce that the University of Essex Jewish Society is now established with immediate effect.

We are also reviewing the way that societies are ratified at Essex going forward to ensure that all students have a safe and welcoming environment to meet with those of a shared experience and to celebrate their cultural or religious identity. 

Following our condemnation of the reported comments by a university lecturer yesterday we are pleased to see the University taking action on this matter. In line with our zero tolerance approach to hate speech, we repeat that there is no place for any form of anti-Semitism at the University of Essex and echo the Vice Chancellor’s remarks made this morning.

We also welcome the University’s announcement of activity to support and promote the value of the Jewish community at Essex and the Students’ Union will be working directly in partnership with the Vice Chancellor on the event scheduled for next Thursday 28 February.

The Students’ Union stands by all students affected by anti-Semitism and encourage anyone affected to report any incidents to SU Advice so that we can support, investigate and take action against allegations of anti-Semitism.