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Rebel is made up of loads of creative individuals. Sound like you? Read on...

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Student media is the voice of students, and Rebel is your platform to debate, educate, inform and entertain over 16,000 students at Essex; have an amazing time and gain valuable experience while doing so. Welcome to Rebel. 


Rebel will help you develop a portfolio, build skills, advance your technical literacy, access and use media software and equipment, have articles published, feel more confident, share knowledge with others, host radio shows, collaborate, record podcasts, find opportunities, work on exciting projects, film content, network with creatives, and uncover your media abilities.  

You don’t need any prior experience in media to get involved with Rebel; we are open to every single Essex student. Although if you already have some experience, let us know! 


Rebel is made up of writers, editors, photographers, camera operators, presenters, producers, technical gurus, marketing geniuses, web specialists, designers, and so much more. Together we create amazing things. 

Rebel has a video team if you want to learn how to operate cameras, make video content, present or vlog, edit video footage, collaborate and make your own projects and make video content for social media.  

Rebel has an editorial team if you want to improve your writing ability, publish articles on our website and social media, learn more about journalism, writing reviews, opinion pieces and reporting on what’s happening on campus.  

Rebel has a radio team if you want to host a radio show, record a podcast, learn how to operate a studio, pick up some DJ skills, share your passion for music, gain the confidence to be a presenter and how extraordinary radio content is produced.  

Watch an introduction to the Rebel team this year and hear why you should join, from them.  


The Rebel studios are located at the back of the Silberrad Centre on Square Five. Enter the centre and walk straight to the back of the building to reach the studios. If one of our team members or technicians is there, they’ll be able to tell you more and show you around. Once you have joined Rebel and done a little bit of online training, your student ID will give you access to the studio space so you can use our facilities.  


Once you've registered on 7th September, you can join Rebel and get your free membership by adding ‘Rebel - Standard Membership’ and any areas of interest to your basket. Navigate to your basket at the top of the page and check out - you will not be charged, this just allows you to be added to our system. You’ll then be a Rebel member and will be contacted with the next steps.  

Watch Rebel show you around campus in a video tour.  


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