Leadership Race - and the winners are...

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The leadership race has come to an end! Well done to all of those who put themselves forward to run for a position and to those who helped the candidates campaign.

And the winners are...

  • Southend Black Officer – Hannah Akhalu
  • East 15 President – Ibraheem Toure
  • Asian Officer – Lim Yi Shan
  • Women's Officer - Dolly Okeowo
  • LGBQ+ - Pheonix Chilvers
  • Mature Students’ Officer – Somdip Dey
  • Black Officer – Andrea Curtis
  • VP International – Alexadru Ilie
  • VP Community & Engagement – Adrian Tejan-Jalloh
  • VP Welfare – Vinnosh Jaya Kumur
  • VP Student Experience – Liv Matthews
  • VP Education – Mark Kiley
  • SU President – Molly Purcell

We look forward to welcoming the team into their roles in July.

For a breakdown of the votes, visit our winners page.


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