The Leadership race is coming...

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It's nearly that time already. The next Leadership race will begin in the new year. We have high expectations for 2021, and you could help make this a fantastic leadership race.

Do you know what you're going to be doing for the next academic year? There are 7 full-time paid sabbatical officer roles available, each with an annual salary of £19,613, making this a great opportunity!

We currently have 7 students that you elected to run the SU for this year. These officers are:

President – Molly Purcell

VP Education - Mark Kiley

VP International - Alexandre Ilie

VP Community and Engagement – Adrian Tejan-Jollah

VP Welfare – Vinnosh Kumar

VP Student Experience – Liv Matthews

VP Southend – Ria Buachie

You can find out more about your officers and what they're doing on your behalf, by clicking here to read their blogs. 

There are a number of Student Community positions available too. These would suit anyone not wanting to take a year out of their studies and who are passionate about supporting their community. You can also see who your student community officers are by clicking here

So its time.. to start thinking about who could be the next President, or who would be great as the next VP Welfare?

Do you think you could do it? 

Do you think your societies president would be great for the role, or is one of your flat mates always saying how they could change things?

The nomination process starts on the 8th February. So take the Christmas break to give it some thought. Talk to your family, do they think it’s a good idea? Spend some time discussing it with other students and perhaps suggest to someone that they would be great as a sabbatical officer. Even if they don’t decide to run, everyone loves hearing someone say “ Your great” every now and again.

Click the link below to learn more about The Leadership race, express your interest or suggest a friend.

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