Loughton E15 president

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Intro: When I assumed the role of East 15 President (Loughton), it was important to me to honor East 15’s integrity as a prestigious creative institution while also making sure we were taking advantage of the opportunities offered by being part of the University of Essex. I approach this role as a student first, so with that in mind, I want to keep the student body up-to-date on all of my goals and accomplishments made on behalf of the school.

Accomplishments in August:

Guarantor Scheme - There is a clear housing issue on the Loughton campus. As a campus without student housing, we are vulnerable to the whims of local landlords and letting agencies. This is why I have had discussions with key members of the SU team to see if it would be possible to create a Guarantor Scheme on the Loughton campus that would allow the University to sign on as the guarantor for the students who need it most.

Big Plan - I presented a comprehensive presentation to a group of University decision makers to ensure the Loughton campus has the same support, protections and opportunities as the other campuses!

Salad Bar - You asked for a lighter lunch option and you’re getting one! For the first few weeks of the term, the Loughton Cafe will be trialing a pick-and-mix salad bar option at lunch on Mondays!

International Buddy Scheme - So many of our end-of-year survey responses were centered on supporting international students. As an international myself, I felt the need too. So I have implemented the International Buddy Scheme, which allows a returning international student to support an incoming student through their journey to the UK before they even arrive in the country!

Monthly Newsletter from Chris Main - 38% of student feedback centered on a lack of communication from the administration. For this reason, I have asked Chris Main (our Dean) to start sending out a monthly newsletter detailing his goals for the school! 

Goals for September

Welcome Week - The Loughton Campus hasn’t hosted an official Welcome event since pre-Covid. So we have some exciting stuff planned for this year! Watch this space to hear more!

Notable Alumni - Did you know that Patricia Allison (of Netflix’s “Sex Education”) and Meng’er Zhang (of Marvel’s “Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings) both graduated from East 15 in the last 5 years?!? Well, they’re not featured on our Notable Alumni page. That’s going to change.

SU Events - I would like to set the stage for weekly communal events, international holidays, movie nights, etc. If you have an idea for an event that feels really important to you, let me know and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

SVG - Student Voice Groups (SVGs) are an essential part of an equitable and diverse campus experience. The Loughton campus doesn’t currently have many that I know of. If you fancy starting a SVG, please reach out! I’d love to hear from you!

Guarantor Scheme - I will keep pushing for the Guarantor Scheme and will keep you updated on the progress. No student should have to worry about whether or not they can afford housing, or whether or not they may be displaced in the middle of their studies.


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