Meet Your Sabbs!

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SU President: Molly Purcell

Hi! My name is Molly and I’m your Students’ Union President for this academic year 2020/2021.

My role is to lead the strategic direction of the SU and the rest of the sabbatical team, to represent students at the highest involvement within the University and make sure you all get the most kick-ass experiences possible. As a student, I was heavily involved across a lot of things. Last academic year I was the last ever VP Services and Engagement, but before that I was the elected SU Women’s Officer. I also worked in our wonderful campus coffee shop, The Kitchen, for two years, and was involved in a variety of societies, such as Politics, Feminist, Theatre Arts and Show Choir (which I was the President of!). I’m a BA Sociology graduate and I really enjoyed my degree… even through the many all-nighters! As for me… I absolutely love a coffee (mine’s a vanilla latte), I’m a huge music fan and would describe myself as a social activist.

Any questions, concerns or if you just fancy a chat, drop me an email at

VP Education: Mark Kiley

Hi, I'm Mark, your Vice President for Education.

I’m 21, making me the youngest Sabbatical Officer this year. I just finished studying BA Politics and have been involved with the SU since my first year in both societies and in Student Parliament. I’m originally from Guildford, in Surrey, and came to Essex because of the research strength of my department as well as feeling like the campus really suited me. My hobbies have varied, but during lockdown I’ve made soap, played video and board games, and completed Netflix.

I ran for VP Education because I care about the academic quality of education for students and believed that I had the skills and the drive to really make a difference to your academic lives. I never expected the pandemic to be this bad and University to be turned upside down, but I hope that I can successfully support you in your academic journey in the coming months. When we return to some sense of normality, feel free to come see me in the SU office! You can email me at

VP Community & Engagement: Adrian Tejan-Jalloh

Hi, I’m Adrian, your Vice President for Community and Engagement.

I’m 22 years old, half Norwegian and half Sierra Leonean. My role is actually new and came into existence because the previous Sabbatical team saw that the different communities at our university need and deserve a full-time representative at the highest level of the SU. I’m honoured to have been elected as that representative, and I intend to carry out that responsibility by listening and echoing the concerns and issues of our communities.

As a student I’ve been involved with both VTeam and Blades. With VTeam I’ve been a part of the Refugee Teaching Program, and with Blades I’ve played Squash.

To wind down I watch football; however, this can cause unnecessary stress and pain.

Never hesitate to get in touch with me! If you have a question, or you just want to have a chat, send me an email at or say hi when you see me around :)

VP International: Alex Ilie

Hi, I’m Alex, your Vice President for International.

I'm currently studying my Masters in Organised Crime, Terrorism and Security. If I would have to say something about myself, it would be that I am an outgoing individual who wants to make friends with everyone and is always ready to help. I indulge in several hobbies and activities, some of which include basketball, gaming, cooking and going outdoors.

I am a BA Sociology graduate, during which time I was also heavily involved with the SU. Being President of the Romanian society, achieving over 800 hours of volunteering through our Vteam volunteering opportunities, gaining an Internship as a Frontrunner and working closely with the previous VP International as the ISA Chairman in order to host events such as ‘Lunar New Year’ and ‘One World Essex’ for our international students are just some of my many achievements as a member of our SU. My job for the next year will be to represent our wonderful international community and offer the best student experience there is.

You can email me at and follow me on @alexilie_ 

Don’t be a stranger!


Hi, I’m Olivia (Liv) your Vice President for Student Experience.

I'm a recent BA. Economics with a year in industry graduate. During my 4 years as a student, my involvement with the Students' Union has been through representing the Blades in Lacrosse, accumulating various committee roles over the years in addition to last year being a part of the Blades Exec, as well as spending a lot of time in Subzero.

This year is going to be particularly unique coming out of the pandemic. Still, I believe your time socially at University is as important as your degree whether that is through Sports, Societies or V-Team so will be working on ensuring the best Student Experience takes place for you all.

This year I want to try to get involved with as many as possible! Please email me at  about any upcoming events or questions you have.

VP Welfare: Vinnosh Kumar

Hello everyone! My name is Vinnosh Kumar and I'm your Vice President for Welfare.

Hello everyone! My name is Vinnosh Kumar and Im your Vice President for Welfare. I completed my law degree in June 2020 amidst thousands of coffee cups, calling the library ‘home’ rather than my flat, and countless support from family and friends. During this exciting journey, I also worked at the Kitchen. It is here where I got my first work promotion when I became a Supervisor. I also served as LGBQ+ Officer from June 2018 to June 2019.

When I’m not being a workaholic, you would normally catch me huddled behind a novel, daydreaming all my life aspirations, or watching cooking tutorials on Youtube. I’m always open for a chat about your welfare, so never, ever, ever hesitate to drop me an email at and we’ll sort it out together.

VP Southend: Ria Buachie

Hi, I’m Ria Buachie, your Vice President for Southend.

I'm a BsC marketing graduate and I have lived and studied in Southend for the past three years. I've been getting to know the campus and students here and understanding the dynamic of the campus. 

My job for this upcoming year is to represent the Southend Campus working alongside the sabbatical team and directors to tackle issues and improve student experience. Gladly, I have been elected by the students of Essex, and willingly take on the role and responsibility of being VP. I am looking forward to brightening up your experience, bringing energy and life into the campus. You can email me at


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