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Essex Students' Union was formed by students, for students and each year students are elected to run the SU. Any of you can nominate yourselves to lead.

Whether you're graduating this year, planning a year out or continuing your studies, YOU can be a part of this year's Leadership Race.

Could you lead the Students' Union for a year and represent our 16,000 student members to the university and others in one of 7 full-time paid Sabbatical Officer roles? Or perhaps you're continuing your studies but want to represent your community? Suggest yourself for a Student Community Officer role.

However you see yourself being involved you will achieve amazing things and gain valuable experience. You'll develop skills in leadership, negotiating, influence, financial management and communication, which will be so beneficial for the future.

And if all this sounds great but not for you right now, could you see a friend shaping the future of the SU?



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