What is a Referendum?


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The right to protest peacefully is a long standing tradition for students and your SU supports your right to do so, here are a few tips to keep you safe and lawful if you choose to peaceful protest;

  • Your right to peaceful protest is protected, however, so is the right of those wanting to attend an event so please don’t shut down debate or infringe on other’s rights such as obstructing access to attend an event.
  • Handing out informative leaflets can help people understand why you are choosing to protest. Make sure that they couldn't be cosidered to incite hatred, discriminatory or otherwise encouraging unlawful acts. 
  • Incitement of racial or religious hatred may amount to a public order offence – be mindful that you do not conduct yourself in a way that could be interpreted this way.
  • If you’re considering using a chant, make sure you research it to check it’s legal – some chants are illegal and can lead to arrests if they are used.
  • Know your rights on what to do if you’re arrested and ensure you get legal advice from a solicitor who has special knowledge about protests. You can say “No Comment” at any time.
  • If the actions of one individual is promoting hatred or is not in the spirit of the peaceful protest, speak to the security team so your peaceful protest can continue.




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