Parliament update

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SU Parliament is where change starts. Your student-elected representatives meet monthly, with the shared goal of making the University of Essex the best place to be for all students. Parliament was set up to amplify and represent the voices of students on campus and to make sure that all of our communities are heard.

Last year, our members voted on what mattered most to them so that this year we can make it happen. We call this the Big Plan and its focuses are:

  • Environment
  • Mental Health
  • Transport
  • Cost of living
  • Food on campus
  • My Course

The first meeting of the academic year took place on the 22nd October and was a chance for our newly elected Union Chair to set the scene for the rest of the year and for our Sabbatical Officers to update us on what they had been up to in their first few weeks. So far, we’ve already removed plastic from all sandwiches in the store, made an agreement with the university to allow us to be a part of the new laundry contract negotiations and met with Citizens UK to discuss how we can lobby First Bus to improve the bus services in Colchester!

Over the next few weeks, various events will be held in across campus to gather feedback from our members on a range of issues, including the food sold in our stores and food outlets, the local buses and the mental health services on campus. Be sure to come over and let us know your experiences and what you would like to see changed.

After Parliament, a networking event was held for students interested in getting involved with Student Parliament, complete with food and bubbly to celebrate the first parliament of the year!  Some of those students went on to run for Student Parliament, click here to find out who your representatives are. 

If you would like to get involved with the Student Parliament, you can contact us at


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