Printing is now FREE!

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No money left on your printing account?

Good news, your printing is now free!

That’s right, FREE! You can now print for free anywhere on campus! This amazing win has been delivered by the Uni IT and Finance teams, and helps towards the SU Big 5 My Course and Cost Of Living projects.

Along with the 24/7 open library and borrowing laptops, there is nothing left in your way to smash those exams and essays!

If you're wondering if you can get your money back for previous printing credit- look no further, you can claim refunds on any unused credit, login to MyEssex to find out how much you are owed and make sure your bank details are up to date.  If you don’t complete these details you won’t be able to recieve a refund. Once you have submitted your details, you should receive the money owed to you within a week.

Note: Let's not go over board on printing because #carbonfootrprint

Secondary note: If you exceed your fair usage, your account may be suspended and you will not be able to print using University printers.

If you are unsure what 'fair usage' mean this might be handy:

The uni analysed the average number of pages printed per year in 2017-18 and these figures were, Undergraduates (177), Post Graduate Taught (340) and Post Graduates Research students (480). Printing less than this is considered "fair use".


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