What is a Referendum?

We've introduced the Real Living Wage

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“The cost of living crisis is something that is impacting us all. In almost every aspect of life, costs are going up while access to money isn’t increasing. There’s never been a more important time to ensure that everyone working for the SU is paid a sustainable wage which is why we’re proud to announce that the SU is officially a Living Wage Employer.

Together with the university we employ over 1,000 students and 4,000+ permanent staff. While we can’t change the crisis on our own, we hope this demonstrates our commitment to do everything we can to help our members succeed at the University of Essex.” - SU President, Nashwa


This step is part of a wider cost of living campaign that your SU and University are working on together.

We hope this will give staff certainty and help during the current crisis.


Find out more about the Living Wage Foundation’s campaign and the benefits of paying the real living wage.


Read about what else we’re doing to support our students and staff through the cost of living crisis.





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