Recycle Right | Plastic Free July

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Hi Everyone,

Congratulations on completing Plastic Free July and joining us for our #SUPlasticPromise.

If your SU Plastic Promise worked for you this month, why not consider carrying it on and cutting out that piece of plastic for the rest of the year or longer? 

Even the smallest actions make a big difference in helping to save the planet, and if you found it easy to keep your plastic promise, one more way you could help make a difference is by making sure to recycle right.

Colchester Borough Council have detailed F&Qs so you can make sure to get your recycling right in order to prevent recyclable goods from ending up on a landfill.

Or check out the recycle right website if you are unsure if an item is recyclable or not.

But the most important thing to remember is that wet and food contaminated items do not get recycled and they are put in a landfill instead (even if you put them in your recycling box). So make sure to wash out all your plastic containers and bottles and let then dry before you recycle.

And if in doubt put it in your bin. It’s better to put recycling accidentally in the bin instead of putting waste in your recycling as if one piece of waste is accidentally put in the recycling it means that all of your recycling will end up on a landfill because it’s contaminated.

Thank you again to everyone who joined us for Plastic Free July by creating a #SUPlasticPromise, we hope you found you promise do-able and decide to continue your promise into the future.



Your SU x


Siavash Shahlaei
9:14am on 2 Aug 19 Great stuff!
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