Registering with a GP (Doctor)

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 “As a student studying on a course for more than six months, you're required to register with a local doctor throughout your period of study if you live on campus or in the local surrounding area.”

Registering for a GP isn’t something to leave until the last moment, because if you are feeling unwell, unless it’s classed as a medical emergency, a doctor is not obliged to see you, and you may be referred to your local walk in centre for treatment.

To register with a GP (Doctor) you can use the NHS tool to find one near to you, just follow this link to get started. Whether you live on campus, or off-campus, the tool should help you find a GP close by.

The Colchester campus has its own NHS health centre, located on the North side behind Rayleigh Tower. And if you need advice on how to register, you can follow this NHS guide to registering.

If you need other medical and healthcare support while you are at university, you can check out the university’s webpage.



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