Violence in Palestine: our position and the actions we're taking

Read our response to the violence in Palestine.

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The University of Essex Students’ Union is horrified and disgusted by the continued violence against innocent people in Palestine. Systemic oppression is something we must never, ever be silent about.

As your representatives, it is important to bring this to our members’ attention and to highlight our position and actions we are taking.

The ongoing violence is a product of contemporary ethnic cleansing and colonialism. As part of the SU Family, we have members who are directly affected by this, who have suffered and live in fear of this violence.

This is not about religious conflict. This is about basic human rights.

The Jewish community must not be confused with supporters of the Israeli government: they are not responsible for this violence and must not be held responsible for the actions of the state of Israel. We condemn anti-Semitism and we will work with the University and others to combat all forms of this.

Students at the University of Essex have voted this year for a renewal of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) policy against goods produced in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, which has been a longstanding Students’ Union policy. In line with this policy, the Union therefore believes:

  1. The University of Essex Students’ Union should continue to boycott Israeli products and settlement products on campus.
  2. That we should help build and join the movement to boycott Israeli goods and urge the University to do the same.
  3. That the BDS movement opposes anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and any form of racism as strongly as it opposes the oppression of the Palestinian people.

In line with this policy, we have written to the Vice Chancellor to call for information on any investments in Israeli companies that are complicit in breaches of international law.

We urge all members of the University community to join us in calling for an end to violence against innocent people in Palestine.

If you or any other students are affected by the violence in Palestine, please seek the support available to you through SU Advice and SWIS (Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service).

SU Advice: 01206 863211

SWIS: 01206 873133