VP Community and Engagement, Flazzi has put together his top tips for keeping safe during a night out off campus...

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Hi everyone, it’s Flazzi, your VP Community and Engagement here to help with safety off campus.


One thing to remember when you are off campus – the First Bus app is your best friend. You can use the app to buy a discounted bus pass for the year and you can use this pass as many times as you need. Whatever journey you want to make, whether it is to town or to campus, the bus pass will cover you in the app. If you are ever unsure about where you are going, don’t hesitate to ask the bus drivers, they don’t bite! If it is your first time using the buses and you are nervous, it is a good idea to ask a friend or classmate to go with you.


If you’re going to town for a night out, the best thing to do is pre-book a taxi to take you there and back. Cabs can get booked up quickly so pre-booking is a great way to make sure you can always get home. Roman Cabs or Panther Cabs are good companies to use as they are usually cheap. If you haven’t prebooked, you can call a cab on the night, simply google ‘Colchester cabs’ on your phone and a range of numbers will come up for you to contact. Alternatively, you can head to a taxi rank. Make sure you know where you are, (a street name or bar name if you don’t know the address), and where you are headed, and remember to bring cash, as some drivers do not accept card payments.


If you feel nervous or unsafe on nights out, arrange with your friends to travel home at the same time, and even split the fare on the taxi meaning a cheaper night out for everyone! When you are out drinking, make sure you have people that can look out for your wellbeing. For example, never leave your drink unattended, make sure someone you trust is looking after it to prevent it from being tampered with. In the rare case that this does happen, there is an SOS bus on the main high street where you can go, and the staff can help you.

Have fun when you’re off campus and stay safe!


Want to find out more about Safety at Essex? Visit our Safety Page.


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