Before you can intervene in situations effectively, it is vital to think about your own personal safety and the safety of those around you...

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In some cases you may find that you see or witness a situation, or discussion that makes you or another person feel uneasy and you may be in a position to stand up and intervene. Before you can intervene effectively, it is vital to think about your own personal safety and the safety of those around you. Once you’ve assessed this, you can intervene in the following three ways:
Direct: this approach can be used to address your friends and people you know. Do not use this method in situations that can risk your own safety. You can ask them, "Hey, what’s going on?" or "Is everything okay?" Make your presence known and that you're not happy with what’s occurring.
Delegate: in situations that are potentially dangerous or the harassment or assault is physical, contact the closest authority figure. Depending on where the incident is happening and what type of harassment or assault has occurred, you should contact campus security on Square 3, your department, Students' Union security staff, your Resident Assistant or local police.
Distract: confrontation can be uncomfortable and awkward for many people. However, sometimes causing a distraction between the parties involved can be a simple solution to prevent a serious problem. Pretending to you know the persons involved or distracting them is an easy way to shift the focus.
Watch the University Stand Up! video on Vimeo Stand up! Essex Bystander awareness against sexual violence on Vimeo
If you witness any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination, there are ways you can help the targeted person feel less isolated and more confident to report it:
  1. Check in. Ask them if they’re okay. Can you do anything?
  2. Listen. Just be an ear. Listen and never judge. How are they feeling?
  3. Take action. Report it too and show you support them. What happened is not okay and this will help them feel validated and supported.
Find out more about Reporting incidents here.


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