SU Fireworks 2019

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November means it’s time for the annual SU Fireworks display and this year we saw a turn out of over 6,000 people excited to see the fireworks take-off in the most spectacular fashion.

Set to a background of stalls from SU Societies and SU Food, the night opened with a fire juggling performance by the Juggling, Fire and Magic Society, which blew us away.

This was then followed by a performance by local Essex band Mura which had the crowds raising the roof on the hill near the Ivor Crewe and all the way up onto Square Five; they had something for everyone playing covers of popular favourites and old classics.

Mura played through the evening and right up until the main event, where they run a countdown to blast-off… this year’s theme for the 2019 Firework display, was the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing!

The fireworks exploded into the sky synchronised to space music legends like The Prodigy, David Bowie and Elton John.

Lights flashed across the sky like rockets and shooting stars, fireworks burst into explosions like burning supernova and there were even hearts that formed at the exact moment Sinatra sang the lyrics “in other words, I love you” as part of the most perfect song to celebrate Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary: fly me to the moon.

And as for the display itself, the pictures speak for themselves! Check out our top 10 photos from the night here.

We hope you enjoyed the 2019 SU Fireworks Display! What’s your favourite space-themed song? Let us know at @essexsu and feel free to send us all your favourite photographs from the night!


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