SU Waterslide

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It’s the last day of the year and we hope you all had a fantastic time creating a splash at our waterslide event yesterday.

We were lucky and had some fantastic weather for the event, which was out on the hill near the Ivor Crewe from 3pm. As well as the giant waterslide, we also had splat wars where teams used slingshots to fire soaked balls at each other from opposite ends of the inflatable arch. And a water tag maze, which took us back to the days of laser tag and paintball.

We hope you all had a lot of fun! We definitely did, because the waterslide event was a fantastic volunteering opportunity for staff. We asked one of our volunteers what he thought about the experience.

“Volunteering for the waterslide event was amazing! It was very well organized… the day was nice and the sun was out so I really enjoyed the event! … My main job was to make sure everyone follows the instructions and handling inflatables to the people waiting in the queue.”

He even went down the slide a few times too.

Our social media coverage of the event also proved popular reaching over 100 likes and a lot of comments! (Thanks guys!!). All of our insta stories were viewed over 1,000 times too!

It was great to see everyone getting involved, staff and students alike, and it proved to be a great solution for all that exam/coursework/essay/practical and assessment stress from the past month.

This is how we get our #ExamMode on at Essex.

We would love to hear all your favourite parts about the event so let us know on social @essexsu! What activity did you enjoy the most?


Your SU x


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