Shopping | Plastic Free July

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We all shop, for essentials, for fun and for that one thing online that we really, really want. But there are a few easy ways to change your habits, save yourself some money and help cut down on plastic at the same time.

Why not get in the habit of taking a reusable bag with you wherever you go. You can get foldable ones easily in most high street stores and supermarkets. That way you will never need to buy a plastic bag ever again.

You might not be able to do your whole shop at the SU Market, but most of the time there’s a loose fruit and veg stall, and sometimes a place to get cheese and cured meats. So why not bring your own bag and cut down on plastic packaging. Consider buying loose items when you shop at the supermarket too.

Did you know most clothing has plastic in it? Polyester and viscose are both forms of plastic. So consider buying second hand instead. Colchester has a variety of vintage shops, charity shops and occasionally the kilo sale visits too. All perfect opportunities to stock up on clothes in a more sustainable way.

Your online clothes shopping habit may be more convenient but maybe it’s time for a change as your #SUPlasticPromise this month. Everything is delivered in plastic that goes straight to a landfill.

And finally, why not consider buying some items like pasta, rice and noodles in bulk. Not only does this cut down on plastic waste, but it can also be cheaper too.

It’s never too late to start making a change.



Your SU x


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