Struggling with self-esteem?

It's normal to feel a little anxious, read on to find great ways you can use to boost your confidence at university.

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If you'e struggling with your self-esteem, you are not alone! As a new student, it is normal to feel a little anxious as you’re in a new city, with new people, doing new things. You might see your inexperience as being a disadvantage and it can really get you down, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Read on to find great ways you can use to boost your confidence at university.

Join a society

Where your confidence levels are low, it’s easy to lock yourself away and avoid social situations and events. However, this will only leave you feeling isolated and worse about yourself.

Try to get out of your comfort zone and join a society that you ideally wouldn’t. This might not be something you’re particularly comfortable with, but by joining a society and meeting like-minded people in a safe and friendly environment, overtime you will realise how much you are thriving and you’ll find your confidence increasing.

Stop putting immense pressure on yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others!

It’s easier said than done, but when you look at it, the development of your skills and knowledge shouldn’t be a competition, as everyone is different with their own personal struggles.

Nobody is perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with falling and getting back up again, or failing innumerable times before succeeding – it’s actually healthy, and you’ll appreciate your success a lot more when it finally comes.  

So do things your own way, as this will help you define your own identity and grow in confidence about who you are, and who you want to be in future.

Check in and look after yourself

If your self-confidence is low, it could be that you’re not taking good care of yourself. Lack of sleep, insufficient exercise and a bad diet are all recipes for disaster, which would make your body feel terrible.

Exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy diet can help build your confidence and make you feel good about your body, so don’t neglect these factors, as self-care is very important!

Be positive and identify your successes

This might sound a little cheesy but thinking positively is something which you’re able to achieve one action at a time. Remember, no one in the world is confident all of the time. But by conditioning your mind to focus on the positives/successes in your life such as being accepted into an amazing university (??) , this will help increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities in general.

Talk about it

If your lack of self confidence is affecting your university experience, the best course of action is to just talk about it. The University offers student support services such as SU Advice, which can help provide you with a solution to some of your problems. The Swiss team, are also there to help provide you with useful information, as well as counselling and mental health support. Personal tutors and teachers are also there to help provide you with support if you ever find yourself struggling.

You’ll find that people want to help you and see you thrive, and a lot of the time, being able to decompress your load can make you feel a lot better, so never feel too scared to reach out and accept support.

Watch this amazing TED talk by Brittany Packnett on how to build your confidence.


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