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Student Spotlight: Molly Rennie

Find out about Molly's involvement with the SU and how she has started her own podcast.

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Molly Rennie, a third year Journalism and Human Rights student, is the president and founder of the Hidden Disabilities Society. Last term, she started a podcast with the society called ‘Under The Surface’ as a platform where people can share their experiences with disability and chronic illness.

Molly was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic at 18 and says “I had to learn how to manage my blood sugars and you have to manage this part of illness that you didn’t before, and I wanted to point people in the direction of where they can get help or find a community they can speak to. It is so important to be patient with others, and as you learn on the podcast, you never know what someone else has going on in their life.”

Molly’s podcast is recorded at the Rebel SU Creative Studios, anyone can use the studios with a free Rebel membership.

You can listen to the first two episodes of ‘Under The Surface’ by Molly Rennie now.

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