Summer Ball 2019

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Update on the 2020 Summer Ball… 

As it stands, we’re sad to say that next year’s Summer Ball is now at severe risk of not happening because of the substantial financial risks attached. However, if enough of us buy tickets by 31st January then the Ball will go ahead. If not, then everyone gets their money back and the Ball won’t happen. Tickets are now on sale, and you can get them here. Want to read more about your chance to #SaveTheBall? Follow this link.



Saturday saw the return of Essex SU Summer Ball. There was music, magic, performers, stilt walkers, cocktail bars, bandioke, jousting, fireworks, dodgems, and more. There was even an Elvis impersonator, in a wedding chapel, alongside (only for fun) casino games in the Vegas tent.

And that wasn’t even half of the attractions that were there on the night. We had six tents, three food stations (serving everything from food from your favourite SU venues, to burgers and vegan food), and a whole host of acts from Wretch-32, Kelli-Leigh, Tion Wayne, Majestic, Dimension and House and Garage Orchestra, just to name a few!

There was even a prodigy appreciation party, tributes to Queen and Foo Fighters and a whole host of DJs and music that carried us through the night until five am!

“It’s just a whole evening of fun, with so much to do, and so many great people around you.”

The headphone disco is always a great part of the evening, especially when you take the headphones off to watch everyone dancing and singing along to something you can’t hear. Comment and let us know if you did that too! The headphone disco is one of our favourite ways to stay awake for the survivor’s photo.

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did, as the ball is also a great chance for SU staff to go out and party alongside our members.

“One of the best parts of the Ball, is seeing everyone, from all walks of University life, all in one place – constantly bumping into them in the middle of a DJ set, or during a Queen tribute band, or even at the food stalls whilst you’re grabbing a chicken wrap.”

And the ball is never just about the music, although that’s such an important part of it all, there’s so much to do to suit all different interests.

“What I loved most about the ball were the rides (although I’m scared of heights)! But, after my second bottle of wine I did not care at all about the heights anymore…”

Attractions and events aside, the memories you make with friends (new and old), is one of the most iconic parts of SU Summer Ball, as described by a new SU staff member and final year student.

“It was truly nice to see most of my friends (who are leaving this year unfortunately) and to meet a lot of staff at the ball. The atmosphere was great, welcoming and I consider the event a massive success!”

The ball is just as magical for regulars, but there’s nothing that compares to the first time you walk under the arch, through the steam and onto the field with lights, music and stilt walkers. We asked one of our members to describe the experience of their first ball to us.

“This was the first Summerball I’ve attended and have to say it was exciting and amazing! I specially loved Kellie Leigh and Queen band performances.”

But it isn’t just the students who enjoyed the ball this year; the acts that performed on the stages also had a fantastic experience.

Rekovered let us know that this was the best gig they’ve ever done for us, and Kelli-Leigh passed on a message to you all saying that “@essexsu you were well up for it last night”.

We received a lot of amazing comments for the ball. You can read some below. Thank you so much to everyone who shared their thoughts and photographs with us. The SU Marketing department have had a ball reading through them all (and, we are not sorry for that pun).

 “Fantastic event, unbelievably amazing – more like a festival than a ball” (Steve Black).

“Absolutely amazing night” (Anon).

“Much better than when I was a student” (Rob Land).

 “Sorry but the summer ball was such an experience”

“Unforgettable day”

But the most important question is; did you make it to the survivor’s photo?
Send us your photos on our social @EssexSU and let us know! And keep an eye out on our Essex SU Facebook page for the photographs that will be uploaded as soon as they have been processed.

We hope you had a fantastic night!



Your SU x


Arthur Sutton
4:47pm on 14 Jun 19 What happened to all the photos that the SU staff took?
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