Supporting you through COVID-19

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Dear SU members,

With everything that is going on at the moment, we are fully aware there may be a number of unanswered questions and that, rightly so, you may be worried.

This is a position we have never found ourselves in before, and as we are navigating it together, we are trying to learn about the best actions we can take to support you. Every day brings a new challenge, and a different understanding of the position that we are in.

As your student representatives we just wanted to reassure you that we are putting your safety, health and concerns at the forefront of the conversations we are having with both the University and our own Students’ Union permanent staff.

From the many conversations we have had with students so far, we are gathering together all the questions you have for us, and will address them as more information comes to light.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you feel like we haven’t addressed your concerns (a full list of our email addersses are included below)

As a result of guidelines from the University and the government we've made substantial changes to our services. 

Wherever possible we've moved services online so that you can still continue to access key support from SU Advice, SU Reception and SU Homes.  We're also working to keep The Store open for as long as possible to service students that are remaining on the Colchester campus.

You can see a full list of the SU services available here

This is a live situation and updates are coming in frequently, so please keep an eye out for our social media posts and blog posts, where we will be answering student related queries that fall within our roles as Sabbatical Officers.

For any COVID-19 specific questions, please email as the University’s dedicated team will have more up to date guidance than us.

If you have any urgent queries or concerns, we are here as your representatives and will be bringing your feedback to the University. Please don’t hesitate to contact us as follows:

  • Asha Ali – SU President, in charge of the running of the SU and its strategic decisions; continuing to liaise with the University’s senior management team (
  • Laura Robinson – VP Education, representing your educational interest; email for any concerns regarding your department’s response to COVID-19 (
  • Ana Bichir – VP Welfare; email for any concerns regarding your welfare during this time, including but not limited to finances, wellbeing, accessibility and Support Services response (
  • Greta Remeikaite – VP Southend, email for any Southend specific concerns, including but not limited to Southend Venues and University’s tailored communication (
  • Jake Tran – VP International, email for any issues that you face as a result of being an international student during this time (
  • Molly Purcell – VP Services and Engagement, email for any concerns regarding Services and student staffing (
  • Michael Banahene – VP Student Experience, email for any concerns regarding Sports, Societies and vTeam (


Thank you for the patience and understanding. This is a time when we can help each other as a community and we hope we can rise up to your needs.

With love,

Your SU Sabbatical Team


P.S. Here is a list of important websites:

University’s Latest Updates

NHS Information and Advice

Sabbatical Officers Blog

SU Instagram – will be providing updates

SU Facebook – will be providing updates


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