Top 5 Things About Top Bar

The classiest venue on campus!

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One: You don’t need to leave campus to feel like you are on Holiday

Top bar’s vibe is so relaxed, you’ll feel like you are either on holiday, or in a swanky bar in London. If you are looking for sophistication (and a little bit of peace and quiet) this is the place to go. It’s the classiest venue on campus!


Two: Top Bar’s got the competition…

Do you love to challenge your friends? We are the only venue on campus to have a dartboard* and an American pool table!

*Just try not to aim at the other guests…!


Three: Fancy something different? They do Exclusive!

Top bar is the only place on campus where you can get real ale, and Lilley’s Somerset boxed ciders. But if ale and cider is not your thing, then there’s also a large range of Gins, Whiskeys, Rums, and Vodkas to choose from too.


Four: There’s fooooooooooood (and it’s delicious!)

If you are feeling peckish, you can grab food from Top Bar’s neighboring venue, Fusion. You can eat and drink in either of the venues, we’re not picky! There’s also a friendly and welcoming team of staff on hand if you have any questions, or need advice about allergens.


Five: This is your space!

This is the place to go for celebrations and birthdays, and you can even book a table or an area for your department, society, or sports team (for free!) if you want to reserve your space!


Where can I find this magical place?

There’s a set of main stairs on Square 4 that lead up to Top Bar, Fusion, and Blues Café. ? For step-free access, head from Square 4 and enter the building at 4NE. Take the lift to Floor 6 and go straight ahead.


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