The ELSA Society

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European Law Student Association

By Andrea, member of society.

Here are the things I love about ELSA Society:

  • As part of the executive team, we all contributed to a document to help raise awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement. This was extremely rewarding as it was shared by many others and it had the highest engagement on our socials.
  • Getting to connect with fellow students - coming to uni and meeting new people can be hard, but societies make it easier and it’s a great opportunity!
  • Being a part of ELSA gives you the opportunity to partake in various events both at Essex and within the wider ELSA UK network! It’s a great opportunity to meet new, but like-minded people!
  • The members of our society are from a wide range of backgrounds, but we all bond together over shared interests!
  • Being a part of ELSA Essex has enhanced many skills - communication, cooperation, leadership and organizational as well as many others!




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