Things I love about the Harry Potter Society

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By Eleanor, member of society.


All opinions are accepted. Everyone in the society is allowed to express whatever their opinion is in discussions. Even if it’s unconventional, you are still allowed to have a voice and speak your mind.


There is genuine passion.The minute I joined the society I felt a genuine love for all things Harry Potter. There was adedication and a passion for this fictional world that I don’t think is repeated anywhere else.


The variety of events.The society always made sure to keep you on your toes and prepares a variety of activitiesin a term. It really helps to keep the excitement and freshness going.


The camaraderie of the society.I feel that you genuinely bond with people who share these interests. You are able to laugh and enjoy yourself without feeling weird about what you like.


You are always welcomed. The execs always make sure not to alienate anyone with less knowledge than other people. If you love Harry Potter in any way, you are accepted here.


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