Toilets Don't Define Your Gender. You Do.

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Do you remember the last time you felt scared or uncomfortable?  For many people, including those who identify as Trans or Non-Binary, something as simple as going to the bathroom can be a source of anxiety.

We think it’s important not to feel worried doing something as simple as going to the bathroom, and that’s why we’ve worked with the University to create over forty gender neutral toilets across campus.

We believe that no matter who someone is or how they identify, they should never have to feel uncomfortable or challenged against their basic needs and rights.  We’re proud to be a diverse collective of students and we want that to be reflected in our services.

This process was led by Jestin Bartlett, our current Trans+ officer.  He told us:

“I led in getting GNT's on campus as I used to only pee in the one GNT.  I would come from wherever I was on campus, which meant that sometimes I would be late to things.  Everyone needs to pee, and students should feel safe when they find a toilet, not be scared of hate, scared they don't pass enough or too much, or choose dysphoria over feeling unsafe.  GNT's are the only place on campus where you can pee without fear of getting picked on because of your identity.”

We are so proud of our members and of everyone who made this a reality: 

 Jestin Bartlett

 Taran Baragwanath

 Sam Heyes

 Ebba, Shannon, Michael and Jesse

 Ian Hack and the Estates team

 Natalie Bell-Surette

For more information on how this action has positively impacted students’ lives on campus, click here.

The SU is committed to making sure that every student at Essex has an equal opportunity to have their voice heard, and that every student can feel safe and secure no matter what their circumstances are.  Click here to see our pledge to end sexual harassment on campus through our zero-tolerance policy.


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