We've been shortlisted for SU of the year!

It’s that time of year again when institutions around the UK take stock of what students really think of their studying experiences. Over the last six months, WhatUni review collection team collected over 41,000 student reviews from 160 institutions and travelled more than 43,000 miles across the UK (that’s equivalent to travelling to Australia and back!).

They've asked our members what they think of the Students' Union and the results clearly must've been very impressive, because we got shortlisted alongside some other big names. 

We're competing against 9 other unions, so fingers crossed! The winner will be revealed on 25th April, keep your eyes peeled. 

  • University of Essex SU
  • Cardiff University SU
  • Loughborough University SU
  • Nottingham Trent University SU 
  • University of Chester SU
  • University of Chichester SU
  • University of Dundee SU
  • University of Leeds SU
  • Buckinghamshire New University SU
  • University of Sheffield SU

Huge thanks to everyone who gave such positive feedback and led to us being shortlisted!  And a massive thank you to all our amazing staff for their hard work and dedication to everything we do as an SU!