What I love about American Football

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Hi, I'm Ollie studying  English Language and Linguistics.

Here are the things I love about American Football.


Joining a club like American football wasn’t what I imagined doing when I came to Essex, mainly because I didn’t know it was a common sport in the UK but being part of such a large team where you spend so much time with one another really helped build the social side of university and become part of a team that always wanted to include you.


The only contact sport I ever played before American football was rugby, but I thought I would try something new and see if I liked it and even though I had no knowledge of the sport, between the coaches and the more senior players, they help you pick up the knowledge in such a short period of time but keep you interested and make it enjoyable to turn up, even if its a cold and wet on a Sunday morning.


All the players not only look out for you during club events, but around normal university life, seeing your teammates around the campus or in town and being introduced to the people they know really helps make you feel part of not only our team but the actual student union as well.


We are one of the luckier blades teams as we have a team of volunteer coaches that take time out of their lives to come and coach our team, these coaches help us gain that knowledge of the game in such a short period and mentor us for the role that they know best suits us, they help develop us into better players and its something that helps give our team such an edge with the experience they have.


The last reason is the atmosphere you get when the whole team has been able to pull a win out from what looked like a losing game, having all the players cheering and celebrating after expecting to lose the game not only helps with how we all connect as a club, but also helps prove that were one of the better teams from the universities across the UK.



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