What To Do When You First Arrive At Colchester Campus

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Arrivals day is Sunday the 29th of October, and we can’t wait to meet you! You’ll find a full run-through of everything you need to do for arrivals here. But arrivals day isn’t all about the forms, keys and registration (although they are important) it’s good to have fun and settle in too!


The first and most important step is to make sure you are prepared before that day.

Make sure to pack in advance so you don’t forget something essential (like your clothes), and bring along some snacks (which are also useful for befriending new flatmates) and anything else you will need. It might be nice to bring a few favourite items with you to furnish your rooms and make them feel more like home. And you might like to show your family members this page if they are looking for more information.

On the day you’ll have to register (this is the most important bit) and move into your accommodation as well as attend your department talk. Then you’ll get to meet your flatmates for the first time and explore your new home.


It’s always a great experience when you go out onto campus, wander around and get lost because you’ll bump into all kinds of friendly people, and find all kinds of cool things. But if you get a little too lost, then the Find Your Way app is here to help.

Wivenhoe Park is a great place to explore if you want space to take a deep breath if it’s all a little overwhelming (which we know it can be). The Lakes (just past the Silberrad), The Secret Garden (one floor down from SU Bar), and (if the weather is rubbish) the top floors of the library and foyer of the Silberrad are all good places to escape to and take a breather.

If you get peckish there are a lot of places to eat on campus if you don’t feel like exploring Colchester town just yet. There’s SU Bar, Moa and a whole host of Essex Food outlets. You can read more about Colchester’s on-campus food in our ‘Where to buy food’ article.

But if you do feel like venturing out into town, here’s what you can expect to discover. It’s easy enough to get in a taxi, or on the bus (find out how to get bus discounts here, or pop into SU reception on Square 3), but you could also cycle if you have your bike with you as there are great cycling facilities on campus.

Take some time out to get to know the campus, and try to meet other people and make friends. Sign up for mixers and meet your departments. And most importantly try and have fun as you’re finally here!


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