What To Do When You First Arrive At Southend Campus

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You’ll find a full run-through of everything you need to do for arrivals here, it’s important to deal with the forms, keys and registration, but it’s also important to have some fun and settle into your new home.


Make sure you are prepared for arrivals day. Pack in advance so you don’t forget something essential (like socks), and bring along some snacks (which are also useful for befriending new flatmates), and anything else you will need.

It might be nice to bring a few favourite items with you to furnish your rooms and make them feel more like home.  And you might like to show your family members this page if they are looking for more information.

On the day make sure to register and collect your accommodation keys (they’re pretty important). Meet your flatmates and spend some time getting to know them.


If you want to find something to eat, check out our article ‘Where to buy food’ for ideas, there are options both on and off-campus depending where you want to start exploring.

 If you want to start exploring on campus, download Find Your Way to help you… find your way.

Or if you want to explore Southend, check out this page for ideas on where to go.

Take some time out to get to know the campus, and try to meet other people and make friends. Sign up for mixers and meet your departments. And most importantly try and have fun as you’re finally here!


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