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Nominations are now open for 7 full-time, paid, Sabbatical Officers (or Sabbs for short) and 1 part-time paid role (East 15).

Any current student can put themselves forward to be part of the Student Leadership Team starting July 2023. The roles available are…

  • SU President
  • VP Student Experience
  • VP Community & Engagement
  • VP Welfare
  • VP Education
  • VP International
  • VP Southend
  • East15 President (part-time)

Most grads start at the bottom. These roles would put you at the top of the SU hierarchy, responsible for representing the rest of the students across your campus. 


What does it take?

You will need to:

  • Be a current student at University of Essex at the time of nominating
  • Be willing to take a year out of your studies (or be graduating this Summer)
  • You do not need any prior work experience to apply, just loads of passion and enthusiasm for representing students needs


But standing as a candidate in the SU Leadership Election to take on a leadership role in the organisation isn’t just a job, there are lots of benefits of being a Sabbatical Officer.  Here are some of the other benefits that you will gain from being a Sabbatical Officer and a part of the SU Leadership Team;

  • Take on a senior leadership role in an organisation which has positional power that would usually only come with years of accumulated experience.  
  • Supercharge your CV with professional skills and impressive talking points.  
  • Make the changes and implement the ideas for students that you would have dreamed of when you were a student.  
  • With a network of SU and University staff around you, there are incredible mentoring opportunities that can boost your confidence, abilities and how you apply skills. 
  • You get paid. Being a Sabbatical Officer isn’t something you do for money, you do it because you care, but you do get paid. And as far as graduate jobs go in this market, it isn’t bad.  

Sound like it's for you? Nominate yourself from now until 26th February 2023. 


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