What does the SU do?

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Let’s get introductions out of the way first... SU is short for Students’ Union. If you’re a University of Essex student then you are automatically a member of the SU - congrats!

What is the SU?

A non-profit organisation that runs sports, societies, events, arts and crafts, student media, two nightclubs, two bars, volunteering, multiple shops, two cafes, a letting agency, an advice centre and a cinema. Our mission is to become the world’s most student-centred organisation.   Any profit made is spent on you.

What does the SU aim to do?

Aside from all of the fun stuff, we're here to help you get the most out of your university experience. Your Student Leadership Team (7 Sabbatical Officers) take a year out to work full-time, to represent you. The team includes: SU President, VP Education, VP International, VP Welfare, VP Community & Engagement, VP Student Experience and VP Southend.  

  1. We provide opportunities for you to have fun, gain skills and share your passions through societies, sports clubs, volunteering opportunities, Rebel student media, Just Play activities, SU Makes crafts, and mass participation events.  

  1. We run spaces that make your campus experience complete. These include SU Bar, Top Bar, Sub Zero, The In-Between, The Atrium, The Kitchen, The Greenhouse Cafe, Cine10, SU Reception, SU Homes, SU Advice, The Store, The Mini Store, Everything Essex, and The Post Office.  

  1. We support you with:

    • Access to free, impartial advice with SU Advice

    • Elected representatives to elevate your voices

    • An Education Team to represent your academic interests

    • SU Reception to answer the biggest and smallest questions

    • SU Homes to help you find somewhere to live and love

  1. We help you make memories with huge events like SU Street Fest, SU Freshers Fair, One World Essex and more! 

  2. For those who like to keep things more low-key we have social mixers, SU Makes craft events, the Thursday Market, and Just Play sessions

And if you didn’t know all of the things you can do with your SU, what are you waiting for? Go and unlock endless possibilities.  


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