What happened at SU Parliament?

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‘Parking is at Breaking Point’

Parliament to put our weight behind making some change. There was loads of discussion around the fact that students are being late for lectures because they can’t find a space, and that staff are parking in student spaces, there’s more preference that could be given. Sabbatical officer and parliament members are going to create a subgroup to tackle this. Matthew (Individuals rep), Ifelowa (BAME rep), Garv (individuals rep) are all part of this.

Changes to the Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Policy

We passed changes to the zero tolerance to sexual harassment policy. We had loads of discussion on this topic around what the SU’s stance was for people in positions of SU responsibility (like execs or officers) who have been accused of sexual harassment and what we do in these circumstances. The conclusion was that it’s on a case by case basis but should always be raised through SU Advice and Report and Support, and with the SU team, and the SU would make sure appropriate action was taken - we have zero tolerance to sexual harrassment.

We spoke about the definition of ‘sexual harassment’ and whether it wasn’t clear enough in the new policy. We also spoke about the ‘three strikes and your banned from SU venues and will be reported to the student conduct office’ part of the policy. Some parliament members didn’t agree that it should be three strikes it should be one and that someone shouldn’t be given that many chances. Parliament passed this new policy, because the old policy which is currently in place is so outdated, but with the agreement that parliament would review it again to change some parts. You can see the new policy here.   

It Ends Now

We spoke about the #ItEndsNowCampaign and what has been done since the campaign finished.

Here’s what’s happened in the this campaign so far;

  • Zaid (venues rep) told us that RA’s have been doing consent training, and encouraging residents to make poster about what consent means to spread awareness.
  • We spoke about the fact that if the proctor (who deals with all the harassment campaigns) is away- students and victims aren’t seen fast and the SU would like to see more than one proctor or more support in place - Tanki (President) is going to take this forward.
  • The SU is opening a night time service on Square 3, where we can support people on nights out, if people want to have a chat, or are worried or concerned about harassment on campus
  • We held the #ItEndsNow large campaign where students were invited to ‘make the pledge’ and to spread awareness that we will stand against this together
  • A steering group has been set up to focus on progress of It Ends Now
  • Chlamydia tests were placed in reception and the venues teams have been working to promote Ask for Angela.
  • Sexual Violence awareness week will be in February and is run by the SU and Res Life.
  • There will be a consent workshop during SHAG week will be open to all
  • Continuing to evaluate Report and Support (we got some feedback at parliament that this isn’t working for everyone, which Tanki is going to take forward)


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