3 Ways To Find Food At Colchester Campus

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Starting university life means it’s time to start planning meals, shopping lists and figure out all things food (and treats, obviously).



If you don’t want to go to town, or if you urgently need to get specific products, then our campuses have a lot of options when it comes to acquiring food.


  • The Store (SQ4) an on-campus convenience shop, with a large selection of international food and a request wall to ask for anything you would like the SU to stock!
  • The Extra Store (SQ4) the perfect place to grab your lunch on the go
  • The Mini Store (The Meadows) great for essentials


  • The Kitchen (SQ3) hot drinks, and hot food
  • Blues (SQ4) coffee, tea and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Bonds (Essex Business School) great for breakfast and lunch
  • Bytes (SQ1) great for breakfast
  • Lakeside Theatre Café (SQ5) coffee and pastries
  • Zest Fresh (SQ3) hot lunch, sandwiches, cakes, pastries and Costa


  • Crumbs (SQ3) coffee and cookies
  • Crust (SQ3) fresh subs, pastries and pies
  • Fusion Wok (SQ4) customise your wok bowl
  • The Oven (SQ4) handmade pizza
  • The Vegan Greek (SQ4) Vegan, Greek food


  • MOA (Just off of SQ3) the only table service restaurant on campus. (huge range of vegan, veggie and gluten-free)
  • Buffalo Joes (SQ4) real honest food, open until late
  • Canteen (SQ3) a taste of home
  • Fusion Grill (SQ4) international cuisine

See the Colchester SU Venue opening times here
Read more about the food on all three campuses here



Here are a couple of local options that you can visit to get your food shop done and dusted.

Need to find your way? Goole Maps is a great tool for getting directions whether you’re walking or going by taxi or bus.

Tesco is about a 20-minute walk away, but all of them are also easy enough to get to on the bus or in a taxi.

You can also order your food online to be delivered to campus, but usually, you have to make a minimum payment for delivery so check this out before you order. Why get together with your flatmates and order together to save on those delivery minimums and costs.

Most supermarkets also have international sections or aisles that specifically offer products and ingredients from different countries and continents, but there are local international food stores to choose from too, which are easy enough to find using Google Maps too.



Near the Meadows, you can find a Domino’s pizza and a subway. But if you don’t mind hopping on a bus or getting in a taxi to get to Colchester town there’s a whole host of cafés, pubs and restaurants to choose from. There’s fast food like KFC, McDonalds and Burger King as well as a Yates and Weatherspoon’s if you are looking for something more budget-friendly. There’s also a huge selection of international cuisine to choose form. These are the student favourites:

  • Nando's (Portuguese)
  • Bambu (Vietnamese)
  • Mirra (Turkish)
  • Wagamama (Japanese & other Asian options)
  • Preto (Brazilian)
  • Zizzi (Italian)
  • Love Thy Burger (American)
  • El Guaca (Mexican)
  • Turtle Bay (Caribbean)

Three wise monkeys is also a very popular option with students, and Bills serves a whole host of vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian options.

And if you don’t feel like cooking or going out to get food, you can always have the food brought to you. There are many take-away delivery options near campus to choose from.


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