Why Volunteering Is Easy At Essex

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Everyone comes to Uni to get a degree - that part is a given - but you might find yourself wanting to fill your time with something extra. That's where the SU's VTeam comes in. There are a huge variety of projects you can get involved with, and at the end of the year, they can help you achieve the Big Essex Award on your transcript.

  • Do you like working with children? Then join one of the regular projects at a school!
  • Want to help refugees in the local community? Then Refugee Teaching Programme is the one.
  • Do you like animals? Well, why not sign up to the animal protection project, or work with marine life conservation.
  • Do you like helping people? Then you might want to sign up as a wellbeing ambassador

Check out our full list of regular projects here.

We also offer quick short term opportunities on campus where you can help out with the SU events, and one-off projects if you don’t want to commit to a regular project. And thinking about the future? Why not join one of our placements.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the local community, but it also sets you apart from the competition when you finish at Essex, as it will look fantastic on your CV and give you all kinds of examples to use in an interview.

All of your volunteering efforts can be logged through Big Essex Awards which end up on your transcript. You can also request a certificate from us to show off all the hours you spent doing volunteering with us.

If you want to get involved and find out more then click here

(And, if you’re from Southend campus click here)



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